• Carmen Mejia

Wedding Envelope Calligraphy

Envelope calligraphy is one of the ways you can let your guests know you are personalizing things just for them to share a special day with you. In other words, a gift and a way to express how much someone's presence mean to you.

Things to take into consideration:

  1. Your invitations are a special piece of mail and your guests, therefore, they should be special

  2. It's good etiquette

  3. It saves you some time

  4. It looks gorgeous

  5. Have a list

  6. Proofread and have it ready to send the calligrapher

  7. Take into account the amount of time you need to send your invites.(don't expect the calligrapher to fill in 400 envelopes in a day)

  8. Make sure you send at least 1-3 extra envelopes (accidents may happen)

  9. Select the right ink color (your calligrapher can also advise you based on the color scheme you have selected for your envelopes)

  10. Ask for a sample to make sure you are satisfied before the calligrapher starts addressing your envelopes.

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